Kelsey Cashman


Hi! I'm Kelsey.

A collection of some of my favorites

A collection of some of my favorites


I graduated from Iowa State University in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design. I gained experience through internships at Wink and Planet Propaganda before landing a job at Riley Hayes in Minneapolis where I worked from 2014-2017.

What I'm into:
- Vintage everything (Excuse me while I nerd out over all the old things...)
- DOGS (I want to adopt them all)
- Horror movies (Especially 90's-tastic flicks, looking at you Scream!)
- The Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra fangirl alert)
- Jazz music (I love me some Louis, Duke, and Ella)
- Architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright and Mid-Century Modern make me swoon)
- Tacos ('Nuff said)

Thanks so much for checking out my work!





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